Ready to close deals faster within Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Closing deals are made easy with Sertifi. Shorten the sales cycle, increase close rates, and rev up sales rep productivity by integrating Sertifi's powerful application directly into your CRM.

Sertifi is built 100% native on the application platform and installation takes as little as 5 minutes. A freemium offer is available which includes 20 streams (eSignature sends) per month with unlimited users. Install Sertifi for Salesforce on AppExchange or Microsoft Dynamics CRM on PinPoint today!

    Rich Application Features

  • Streamline workflow processes and improve communication
  • Real-time updates on contracts sent via Chatter/Yammer
  • Option for customers to sign either electronically or print, sign, and fax
  • Pre-populate fields into a contract with existing data
  • Get 100% audit trail including when a contract was sent, opened, partially signed, and fully signed
  • Signed PDF version of agreement is emailed to all parties
  • Quickly respond to customer questions (conversation included within audit trail)
  • Add others into the deal conversation via email address
  • Integrate with leading applications including Conga Composer

Customer Case Studies

Customer Feedback

Jasmine Koontz - Fantastic Business Tool

"Sertifi has been an excellent tool for our company and really helps simplify our communications both internally and with our customers. We are extremely pleased with this product and would absolutely recommend this. The customer service is fantastic, too!"

Ben Thompson - Saves Time

"Sertifi saves me hours every week. If it's not a large construction agreement, it's saving time on Change Order approvals. In the last week, a client approved a $35,000 agreement via Sertifi. The monthly investment is well worth the time savings and I love how it seamlessly integrates into Salesforce. I hope you find it as useful as I do in my small business."

Frank Ruffolo - Aldo Ruffolo - CEO Lakeland Healthcare Group

"We looked at the top three eSignature solutions and found that Sertifi had the best functionality of all the electronic signature tools we reviewed. Our sales organization has seen a shortened close cycle by more than 20% by implementing this solution. Sertifi's solution has helped us immensely in the whole contract negotiation and contract management processes."